Fellowship Creative

“We believe music can tear down walls and open up hearts, and so we write. We believe a song can reach someone where a sermon can’t, and so we write. We have people in our lives who we know don’t know about Jesus, and they may not know or love God, but they know and love music, and so we write.”

Derric Bonnot and the Fellowship Creative artists believe in the power of creativity; they believe in art and its ability to reach people and break down boundaries. For the collective of artists from Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX, their heartbeat is helping people understand the relevance of the gospel in their everyday lives.

Their latest project, Eclipsed, serves as a reminder of God’s faithfulness – even through the moments of pain and suffering.

“This album was really written through a lot of darkness, “Bonnot says. “Situations either we were dealing with or people in our church were dealing with — things from depression, cancer, the loss of loved ones, miscarriages and, on top of all that, just the daily battles of everyday life, stress and anxiety. But one thing God is always teaching us is that so often in the darkness, the light shines the brightest.”

Bonnot recalls a time of personal struggle, inspiring “Stars,” one of his favorite tracks on the album. “’Stars’ was written in the darkness. It was written in the waiting,” explains Bonnot, recalling the pain he and his wife went through from experiencing a miscarriage. “Those times in life where you feel like helpless and out of control always end up becoming a gift. They remind us that we don’t seek God out of desperation enough and that He truly is in control.”

“Lead me,” another track from Eclipse, serves as an additional reminder of God’s sovereignty throughout trials. “We went through some pretty challenging times as a church. We lost people who were close to us. But we have the promise that we’re not going through this alone, and there’s a purpose in the pain. There’s value in the struggle.”

The album’s first single “Grace On Top Of Grace,” is a reminder that God’s grace is all we really need, inspired by John 1:16, “Out of His fullness we have all received grace in place of grace already given.” “If you take everything away and only leave me forgiveness and salvation, I have enough. I have victory, and that’s grace, and I don’t deserve that. Life with Christ is grace and then more grace—grace on top of grace.”

“God’s love, His faithfulness, is supernatural. And so, something we’ve been encouraging our church with as we’ve been introducing these songs is no matter what is going on in your life, you put it face to face against Jesus, He will eclipse it every time.”


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