For every piece of art created, there is a story. For every story told, there is an author. For Fellowship Creative — a collective of like-minded artists collaborating on music organically grown out of Scriptural teaching and the grit of everyday life — their story begins and ends with the Church. Their unique narrative is told on label debut Running To Follow, an album introducing a distinct blend of sights and sounds to both the Christ follower and the seeker.

The framework for the collective was formed in 1990, when Pastor Ed Young set out to build a church driven by creativity. With a group of only 150 individuals, Fellowship Church was born. Today, the church averages more than 20,000 attendees weekly. In addition to a main campus in Grapevine, TX, Fellowship Church has additional locations in Dallas/Fort Worth, Miami, Fla. and London, England. “Without Fellowship Church, there’s no Fellowship Creative,” says leader Derric Bonnot. “Our pastor started our church with a vision to use creativity to help people, regardless of their religious background, to discover the Bible’s relevance to their lives and to lead them into a relationship with Jesus. There’s no better fuel for a song than seeing life-change and being a part of it.”

Bonnot, like many who find a home at Fellowship Church, didn’t grow up in church and had little context for the Bible when he started attending Fellowship as a 14-year-old kid. His love of music and guitar was fostered at church, and he soon met God there. That’s why songs like new single “Future Back” are so special – they celebrate the new life found in Christ that gives freedom from the past and hope for the days ahead!

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