“My hope is that I can create music that connects people to Jesus – both Christians and those who may not identify with Christianity. I want to make music that moves people, and I hope that it honors God. Regardless of where you’re at, I think that we sometimes exist on this earth like we’re chained up. Either it be because of addiction, or guilt, or anxiety, or for me, having a hard time talking. ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a song that speaks into the fact that Jesus came to change all of that. He came to take our chains and toss them aside so that you and I can be the people He’s created us to be – to have the hope that He alone gives us. I just hope ‘Dead Man Walking’ is a song that first takes you to those things that are causing you to be in chains and then reminds you that God already threw those chains out, that it reminds you that you have hope, that He’s given you peace, and that Jesus is the answer.” –John Tibbs