Would you help us get the word out to your listeners about MercyMe‘s new music video? If you would be willing to post it and tweet it on your station social medias with the hashtag #MMGreater, we would be so appreciative! Also, if you would consider posting it on your station website that would be fantastic. I have attached for your convenience some graphics and banner’s you can use if you wish.

To add in a little holiday cheer…We are offering a little fun incentive! With Christmas right around the corner, you probably have some shopping to do! We will do a drawing for 3 names to win a $100 Amazon giftcard to help out with your Christmas shopping list. To get in on the fun, please do the following:

Watch the video & answer these questions:

1. What kind of dancing is featured in this video (not by MercyMe but by the real dancers)?
2. One of our very own Fair Trade staffers makes a cameo appearance in the video! Who is it? (Hint 2:55)
3. Two other Fair Trade artists (from the same group) also make a cameo playing instruments! Who are they?
4. At 2:22 in the video, Nathan breaks out in a dance. What is that dance move called? (two acceptable answers!)
5. Lastly, post (Facebook) or tweet (Twitter) this video on your station’s social media page with the hashtag #MMGreater!

Email your answers back to Meredith and you will be entered to win one of the giftcards! Everyone’s name will be put in a hat, and 3 winners will be drawn & announced on Monday, December 1st!!